Souper Star War’fare

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... It was a period of civil food unrest. Laying hidden amongst a thriving colony of healthy brassicas, was a faction of rebel plants – spinach, lettuce and beets - awaiting their cue to thrive. At the the dawning of the summer sun, the battle began. … Continue reading Souper Star War’fare

What Ruddish!

Ahh yes....the humble radish (raphanus sativus). Up until a few years ago, I thought very little of this rather unkempt looking brassica. Its quick-bolting, self-seeding tenancies proving to be good for nothing but a bit of extra winter-weeding exercise! It was only when I was about to embark on yet another marginal land rejuvenation project, … Continue reading What Ruddish!

Butter me up!

Dairy Cows

When it comes to the finer and richly indulgent things in life, devouring a slice of freshly baked farmhouse bread topped with a generous slab of home made butter, certainly makes my list of favourite pastime activities! Growing up on a dairy farm – where milk ran on teet and our daily serve of unpasteurised, … Continue reading Butter me up!