Pesto Galaxies

When you wish upon a (shooting) chard...your dreams. Come.True.   Well...maybe that line's a bit of a Rogue One...but you'll atleast have a great lunchbox meal for your kids to crave about! Chard first landed on my plate during a banquet session with Charlie and Charlie: our dynamic-vegetarian-duo friends in Oxfordshire. Bunkered down in their … Continue reading Pesto Galaxies

Ghet to Reproduction in the Garden

Spring has sprung... a leak in our families bank account! Not wanting to let an STD (Serious Taxation Drain), lustrous holiday or a pimp-leish property manager get in the way of a good gallivant in the garden, I have had to slum it up this year to keep the growing dream alive. Here's how I … Continue reading Ghet to Reproduction in the Garden

Minted Bliss

And the beet goes on... That left over beet puree' from last week has teamed up with some of its' mean green garden pals to create balls of delight suitable for any redi-cool date. Contrary to what haughty health food shops and hipster cafe's would swipe (or pin) you to believe, one doesn't need to … Continue reading Minted Bliss