Ghet to Reproduction in the Garden

Spring has sprung…

a leak in our families bank account!

Not wanting to let an STD (Serious Taxation Drain), lustrous holiday or a pimp-leish property manager get in the way of a good gallivant in the garden, I have had to slum it up this year to keep the growing dream alive.

Here’s how I got this years’ season off to a cheap, racey-paced start:

Sowed some wild oats (and others)

Incubating seedlings

Garnered from our fecund producers last year, K2 and I have started most of our food plants from seed (incubating in our seed raising green house). We also seem to have a number of opportunistic dark horses (lettuce, oats, parsnip, borage, seaside daisy and valerian) that have popped up in some seemingly shady locations.

Capitalised on some good roots

The unfurling of some lasciviously entwined extensions and further splitting at the buds has seen my rhubarb crown quadruple in number. I also pulled up – from under the green mulch covers – some comfrey. These roots were severed into 5 cm lengths and relocated to a new abode. (Picture: comfrey and rhubarb).

Caught runners in the act

Strawberries and trumpet vine

Some of our little scamps (strawberries, logan berries and chocolate mint) have spread their stolons into more fertile ground and a juvenile trumpet vine (campsis radicans) has been cut at the umbilical chord. This vigorously growing shoot will ultimately go on to pursue a challenging career in covering colourbond fences.

Early cuttin’ 

Successful cuttings

Getting in before the shooting burst, I potted up some prunings from a black-currant bush as well as plenty of herbs. In a few weeks time these mature castoffs will unite with some barren sods to give birth to a productive new family of food plants.

Committed adult tree

Sometimes it’s just easier to take the experienced performers from someone else’s bed (with permission of course – these are modern times after all!). Thanks to some understanding neighbors, I now have some sweet cicely and a peachy-keen tree (Pictured). 

Suddenly got an urge, to get sweaty?

Go on then.

I dare you.

Don the protective garb. Muster the might. And go out and get that good quality fork in the bed!

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