Gone nutty: Go Ho Ho Granola

Retail carol-therapy spending you round the bend?

Need a consumable Christmas gift to see your merry ho-ho-hoard of family and friends gratefully humbled this festive season?

Then granola no further…

I first jumped on the rustic golden-grained band wagon (or ute… if you’re a true blue Aussie) after dashing through an Oxford winter snow storm to get to my Saturday morning volunteer shift at the local farmers market. Considering I had just overdosed on balmy biking antics to slide-ride my way to the venue on time, I was in serious need of a morning reboot to get my head back in stall set up and money collecting order.

Hitherto, I had been breaking my fast with a rather trite, straight-plastic-jacketed value pack of “muesli” which Scott described as “oats dressed as a dried-fruit-and-nut labeling scam”. So when Roz, the effervescent, eclectic cafe queen dished up a steaming bowl of multigrain porridge peppered with granola, I was more than happy to step out side of my conventional morning-munch comfort zone. Let’s just say it was a breakfast changing experience.

After being treated to a SESI (Sustainable Ethical Supplies Initiative) variety in the UK and then a locally grown, Hutterite clan-made version in Canada, we were scraping the bottom of the oat silo to find an equivalent brand at home. So when the David Gillespie craze swept my flower child Playgroup, I succumbed to the Sweet Poison ways and the whole family went nutty.

Packed full of health tick, gutsome goodies (including that freshly collected honey), Go Ho Ho Granola is a great addition to the morning Gut-up-and-Go ritual. It has also proven a popular Christmas gift for our covey of rougebust – more youthful with each passing year – retired friends and as a money spinner at the recent Festive Fundraising Stall at K1’s school.

Just one word of caution…unless you want to see Santa stuck in the chimney, it’s best to keep the Christmas Night portion to minimalist standards: a couple of tablespoons atop a bowl of cereal should suffice for that jolly… “Go Ho Ho”!

Multigrain, Gut-up-and-Go porridge topped with psyllium, home made (cream on top) yoghurt and Go Ho Ho Granola.

Go Ho Ho Granola (makes a Santa’s shed load)

4 c coconut flakes

4 c rolled barley (oats or a mix of grains…mealers choice)

6 c raw mixed nuts, coarsely chopped

1 c mixed seeds (flax/linseed, sunflower seeds, pepitas)

2 c oat or wheat bran

4 tsp grnd cinnamon

2 tsp grnd ginger

2 tsp salt

½ c honey

1 c olive or coconut oil

2 c puffed grains (buckwheat, quinoa, rice etc.)

In a small, heavy based saucepan, heat on low the honey and oil until close to simmering. The two will not mix well together but don’t let this drive you stir crazy. Meanwhile, in a large bowl mix thoroughly the coconut flakes, barley, nuts, seeds, bran, spices, and salt. Pour over the oil and honey and quickly mix the dry and wet ingredients together using a large wooden spoon.


Divide the mixture between two large baking trays and roast in the oven at 150oC for atleast 1 ½ hours, stirring and switching positions in the oven at half time. When the mix is a golden colour, remove from the oven and cool completely ensuring that you stir the mixture regularly to avoid any large clumps forming. When the mixture reaches room temperature, stir through the puffed grains and package into 250g bags (if your selling or gifting) or into a large airtight container.

Packaged Go Ho Ho Granola

Store in a cool dark place in your kitchen larder and spoon out a couple of tablespoons each morning atop your favourite brekky cereal so you can get a good ol’ Go Ho Ho start to your day.

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