Villain Boot Camp

When it comes to organising birthday parties, I'm a bit of a hard task master. The philosophy being that if my kids want a have a big gathering with chums, then they've gotta muck in to make it happen! So far, my tough trainer approach has only proven to be a healthy challenge for my … Continue reading Villain Boot Camp

Breaking News: Pot Buyers Arrested

In the early hours of Wednesday 19th August, a figure dressed in dark, hooded attire was sighted loitering about the “junkie end” of a local residential zone. Since this cool winter morning, the person in question has become known to local residents as a regular offender. “A really trashy customer” said one eyewitness. Citizens have … Continue reading Breaking News: Pot Buyers Arrested

What Ruddish!

Ahh yes....the humble radish (raphanus sativus). Up until a few years ago, I thought very little of this rather unkempt looking brassica. Its quick-bolting, self-seeding tenancies proving to be good for nothing but a bit of extra winter-weeding exercise! It was only when I was about to embark on yet another marginal land rejuvenation project, … Continue reading What Ruddish!