Stop. Plan it. Warming

The kids are in bed. The dishes done. Those rogue marbles and errant junk-box items – missed in the night time clean-up session – have been safely stowed away, ready for another days play. As I collapse into my comfy and familiar possie in the corner of our living room and gather up my ball … Continue reading Stop. Plan it. Warming

A slice of Sol’ Lifting Pie

“Secret's in the sauce.” - Sipsey (Film: Fried Green Tomatoes) Eventually there comes a point in a cool-climate gardener's calendar when one has to face the colder reality and accept that those immature, Solanum Lycopersicum, fruits of your summer labour, just ain't gonna ripen! Rather than cry in a green-waste deluge over the lost juicey-red … Continue reading A slice of Sol’ Lifting Pie


When the cooler weather sets in and those holey woolen jumpers emerge from their boxed-up, summer home, it can be tempting to let the vegetable patch go into hibernation and to cocoon oneself in the comfort of the insulated indoors until the season metamorphoses into spring. If like me, however, one happens to have a … Continue reading Mothballed?