S-O What?

Raising an environmentally responsible family in one of Australia’s most expensive towns can sometimes feel a little like trying to clear a field full of couch with a humble pitchfork and hoe!

Fortunately, I’m a sheila who loves a good challenge…

Yep…that’s me!

From up-cycling our duds and revamping roadside-rescued furniture to grazing on foraged weeds and home grown veggies, Simply Optimistic is a blog about how my two free-range kids (K1 and K2), my husband (Scott) and I live a simple-ish life that sees us thinking outside that skip-bin-rescued box, so as to make those hard earned dollars go just that little bit further.

Our family strives to support domestically produced, top-quality products. We also like to patronise community organisations and charities in our local area and those regions in which we are lucky enough to visit. I do not accept payments or promotional materials from businesses or organisations mentioned or photographed in my posts.