Butter me up!

Dairy Cows

When it comes to the finer and richly indulgent things in life, devouring a slice of freshly baked farmhouse bread topped with a generous slab of home made butter, certainly makes my list of favourite pastime activities! Growing up on a dairy farm – where milk ran on teet and our daily serve of unpasteurised, … Continue reading Butter me up!

Sun Choked

There are not too many places in this great country of ours where one can look up into clear blue skies, absorb the soulfully warming rays of the scintillating orange sun... and feel absolutely frozen to the bone! In addition to its short seasons, dry air and innately dense, clay soils, our town is also … Continue reading Sun Choked

Cereal Offender

The evidence was scattered, to say the least! Strips of the sturdy outer coverings, aggressively ripped from the possessors innocent and fragile selves, were carelessly thrown in all directions. Bodies, somewhat dismembered, lay strewn across the floor. A sloppy execution coupled with a hasty cleanup attempt provided detectives with a perplexing enigma to solve. The … Continue reading Cereal Offender